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Tilt Cycle Sarasota Coaches

Tilt Cycle is Sarasota’s newest indoor cycling studio! David Banks (owner) has coached group fitness classes thru-out Sarasota for years. Tilt Cycle is the realization of David’s ideal indoor cycle boutique.

With the intention of revolutionizing an already popular industry, where does one begin? Tilt Cycle starts with environment and immersion. The room lights with vivid colors, these colors are more then ambiance. The light wall assists with class instruction. Using the light wall, the class instructor is free of breath to explain form and moves without mentioning tension. This more immersive instruction gives the rider a better understanding of what to do in class. This is also very helpful for newer and first time riders, as there is less confusion.

Tilt Cycle boasts 21 Real Ryder bikes. These are state of the art dynamic indoor cycles! And let’s not forget many riders favorite part, the facilities! Tilt has 3 full private bathrooms with large showers. There are benches, chairs, and a lounge to relax or prepare for your class. Check out their app in any App Store, and download “Tilt Cycle”.


Please email us at employment@tiltcyclesarasota.com.

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